How Much is the Kioh Lung in the Window?

The One With the Fiery Tail...

The Dragon Marionette, Baphijmm
21 March 1985
I'm am an amnesiatic, anime-obsessed, artistic, asexual, astrophysics-studying, authoring, draconic, linguistic, misanthropic, musical Vajrayana Buddhist. What else is misunderstood, that I may add it to this list?

If you're interested in trying to dicepher what makes me tick, check out baph_muses. I started it as a place to go to think, plus put up artsy stuff. It still sorta is, but it's also getting a healthy dose of life-story to go along with it.

I'm Drosselmeyer at the Princess Tutu Blogcrew!

My Dragon Code

DC2.De"Kioh Lung" Gm L W-- T? Phvflt Sks Cre-,eye,f"dirty blonde" B? A+++ Fr? Nm M---! O H++ $-- F--c~/f/j/v R+++ Ac++ J+ S+ U I--# V[weather] Q+ Tc++[HTML] E+